**EDIT** - This post is by April, not Cameron (aka Taylor.) Still working out some kinks! :) 

Silas woke me up before the sun came up this morning and let's be real here... that can make for a grumpy mama if you're not careful.

Thankfully, as I was walking down the dark hallway to Silas' room, I could smell the coffee already brewing because my smart husband knows how hard it is for me to make coffee in the morning- let alone do anything before I've had my coffee (I know I'm not alone in this.) So, after scooping up Silas (and alllll of his blankies and stuffed foxes) and soothing his grumpy good morning cries- due to a boo boo on both knees due to a fall on the sidewalk yesterday while running faster than his little body could keep up with - I walk into the dining room and see the pink and orange sky peeking through the window given just to me by God himself.

I remember that yesterday, a totally random 'yesterday,' my thoughtful Taylor gave me an unexpected 'I love you gift' - a FireKing jadeite coffee mug. And let me tell you, with yesterday's sweet reminder that I am loved and appreciated stirred in with an early morning sunrise with Silas, my coffee has never tasted as good as it did this morning. 

I know these moments are fleeting; I won't always have early mornings with just Silas - soon enough he will grow into a little boy who sleeps the morning away and eventually won't need me to soothe boo boo knees with my kisses. But I'm not going to think about that right now, I'm just going to stay right here in this sweet moment of being needed and appreciated.

So let's get back to stirring in feelings of love... This might seem silly to some but that little moment this morning also included a spoon. Yes, a spoon. A simple spoon that was gifted to me by an incredible potter I met at a show a few months back. She forged it with her own hands. A tool made to help assist the body and for me to nourish my soul on mornings like this one.

When we fill our days with mementoes like these, how can you not be grateful for every single second we are granted sweet beautiful life? Check the shop in the near future for her other handmade good - the shop is getting full of those special little tokens that fill the spaces our memories are made of.

We are always working towards bringing you the most thoughtful gifts for the ones you love.